About Us

Below you will find a short description of the company’s founders. You can contact us using firstname.lastname@primeconsulting.fi. We look forward to hearing from you


CEO. Writes and understands computer code.

Joonas has studied Computer Sciences in the University of Turku. He worked as a Software Developer for local enterprises for several years before starting his own company. He has solid experience in working in international teams.

The focus of Joonas’s work has often been cloud-based services. He is, for instance, very familiar with AWS.

When he’s not writing or studying code, Joonas enjoys cooking and playing old-school video games.

Read more about Joonas’s expertise on his LinkedIn profile.


Business Consultant. An expert in international online business, including IT, sales, marketing, and communication across cultures. She also creates websites and digital content for enterprises that operate in different industries, often internationally.

Tuuli has a Master’s Degree in Economics and Business Administration from Turku School of Economics. For her, results are what matters, and she’s more focused on what is effective than what is fun to do.

Writing is a way of life rather than a job for Tuuli. And when she’s not writing, she can often be found at a hockey game – she’s been to hundreds of them.

Read more about Tuuli’s expertise on her LinkedIn profile.